Home in a Book

  • Inspired by Maya Lin, I created an artist book based on the contours of Hong Kong. One side of it recedes into the pages whereas the other side advances out of the surface. Each of the layer is constructed of different types of maps that make up Hong Kong and categorize the different areas. Each contour was then halved and made into individual artist books. There are 7 layers that make up 14 smaller pop ups of Hong Kong landmarks and its unique characteristics. Once the smaller pop ups are folded out, the inside of the folds are satallite scans of Hong Kong at night, showing a more vibrant and contrast side of home. The concept was to differentiate how Hong Kong was represented through my eyes within the pop ups, as opposed to the more abstracted representation in the maps. Through the discovery and process of playing with this hand crafted book, it gradually gets more intimate and personal, my representation of home.