Epiphyte Knitwear Collection

  • Punch card Machine Knit top with appliqued fur and chain center piece and knit chord shoulder eplets. The booty shorts are nylon and fur with knit chord hip eplets. The Turban is  floor loom woven blend of wool, mohair, and linen.  Worn by Elizabeth Mekljohn. 
  • Machine Knit chord and punch card  garnment . Inspired by the Dinkin warriors of Sudan and there tradtional beaded cosutme and battle attire.  Worn by Ana Codorean. 
  • Machine Knit outfit, shirt and pants. Leather inccoprated as extended eplets for the shoulders of the dress. The bottoms are space dyed merino wool. In additon there is a knit and leather medallion on a gold chain. Worn by Alex Metcalf