Decora - Art Deco inspired typeface

  • Decora
  • This typeface was designed during the Type Design course took by James Clough.
    Decora is inspired by the Art Deco period and the typefaces of that time.
    From research to the sketches and the use of FontLab all the design process was then condensed in a little book.
    Designed to be a display typeface the family consist of two different versions, Decora Regular and Decora Ombra, both in all caps and with punctuation.
  • Apllication of Decora on advertisement "Campari Bitter Cordial" 1928 Fortunato Depero
  • Application on the book cover of The Great Gatsby
    Politecnico di Milano
    Communication Design
    Spring 2011
    Course: Type Design
    Professor: James Colingwood Clough
    TA: Riccardo DeFranceschi