Istantanee 1900-2010 - Timeline of a century

  • Istantanee 1900 - 2010
    Timeline of a century
    For this project I had to face with the complex subject of history.
    The goal was to design a timeline of the 20th century about main events in society and culture.
    After a long research of events and images I have chosen the most representative for every period.
    These materials were then used to design eleven foldaways, one for each decade from 1900 to 2010;
    one side with the timeline and events and the other with the correlate photographies.
    The timeline is composed by two different lines, one blue for cultural events (art, science, discoveries and communication) and one green for events related to society (politics, war, calamities).
    All the foldaways were packaged in a paper cube.
  • Politecnico di Milano
    Communication Design
    Spring 2010 
    Course: Laboratorio di Teorie e pratiche del progetto
    Professors: Anna Steiner, Paolo Accanti
    TA: Noemi Caruso