The Paul Fresia Show

  • In July of 2013, my writing partner Will Niedmann and I collaborated with the West Hartford Community Television studio to produce a public access comedy talkshow called The Paul Fresia Show. The two of us wrote, produced (with the help of co-producer Michaela Celella), directed, and starred in the show's four episodes, which were prepared and taped one a week over the course of four weeks. 
    The premise of the show was that its main character, host Paul Fresia, would be played by both Will and I every other episode. The show is formatted like a talk show, though most of its segments are stand-alone and were written as sketches.
    My duties on the show included
    Writing-- Every episode was written completely by Will Niedmann and I as a two-person team.
    Producing/ Directing-- With the help of Will Niedmann and co-producer Michaela Celella, I organized tapings, casted actors, made costumes, and employed set-builders. A rotating cast and staff 7-12 people would be involved with each episode.
    Acting-- I played Paul Fresia on episode 2 and 4, as well as interview characters, correspondent Mickey Pappadopoulis, and assorted characters in every episode.
    Filming pre-recorded segments-- Though most of the show was filmed in the West Hartford Community Television studio, all of the correspondent segments, a staged in-studio fight scene, and several other segments had to be filmed separately. All of these were filmed with a Cannon DSLR. Some of the segments were shot with lighting setups, and some of them in front of a greenscreen. All of the audio was recorded on a Tascam DR-40 Digital Recorder.
    Compositing and Editing-- I composited all green-screen segments on Adobe After Effects, and edited them on Adobe Premiere.
    Graphics-- I designed all of the show's graphics with Adobe Photoshop, and used Adobe Flash and After Effects to animate moving titles, interstitial animations, and title animations. 
    Music-- I composed the theme song of The Paul Fresia Show on Ableton Live.
  • Each episode has also been broken down into stand-alone sketches
  • Everything that has been uploaded so far can be found at the YouTube page and at