WE, a block-printed accordion book

  • One evening last year, I went to THE funkiest P-Funk show. This rhyming sentence is what came out of my mouth when I came home. I illustrated that sentence, and now it's in [micro]book form.

    There are many potential ways to enjoy this little book, which falls somewhere on the spectrum between independent children's book, short artist book, and long-form stationery. It may be an expression of Taoism; it may be an invitation to collaborate, or to get it on. Whatever works!

    This book is hand-stamped with India ink on 65lb Greengrocer's 100% recycled paper. It measures 4x4.5" folded up and 4x22.5" unfolded. There is a limited edition of 350. Each is signed on the back.

    Thanks for reading my sentence! I hope you like it.