Animated Videos / GIF

  • Love Story: the Cut ( 2 min 21s)
    Video: stop-motion animated ceramics

    I created this video by layering footages from animating high-fired ceramic objects that I sculpted with footages of the shadows of my hand holding various objects.
    In this piece, I hope to express a section of the psyche infected by desire and discord.

    This is from a project I started during my Spring 2013 semester at Albion College. The project was funded by FURSCA.
    I created this video by animating high-fired ceramic objects I made. Ceramics enables me to create three-dimensional sculptural work such as the work I created in my previous FURSCA projects. I was interested in expanding the dimensionality in the body of work I create. 
    Video, as a medium, enables me to add the fourth dimension, i.e. time, into my sculptural voices.
    Stop-motion animation technique allows me to digitalize my sculpted imagery to manipulate and sew them together into a sequence of moving images that resembles the pattern of the human consciousness through editing and cutting. It gives me the opportunity to further narrate the complex psychological conditions.
    In this piece, I hope to express a section of the female psyche infected by desire and discord.


  • Ceramic Nest (3 min 18 s) 
    Video: Stop-motion animation
    Experimentation with stop-motion animation techniques:
    In most of my work, I am interested in conveying the immaterial aspect of being alive- transformations within emotions, spirituality, etc.
    Via stop-motion animation, I wanted to explore converting "ceramic" imagery that still suggests inherent quality of the material but loses its physical form.
    The branches in this video are made of ceramics. After digitalizing the ceramic imagery through photography, I animated the imagery under the light box and this gives the ceramics imagery glass-like quality. Videos are essentially images that don't have form when viewed. Therefore the result of my animation attempt is ceramic images rendered formless.
    The sounds of the pieces are created from colliding ceramics pieces and glass pieces to accentuate the ethereal material-glass and its intersection with ceramics since the glazed ceramic surface is essentially glass.
    The music part was glass music performance I found on youtube so I don't own the music. Music:
  • Metrical Heart
    Video: Animated ultrasound images of my heart (found images) reanimated
    Rhythmic Montage of the beat of the heart.