Fashion Concept Boards

  • These are the concept boards I have made during Ralph Lauren Summer Design Internship Program. I worked on developing a line for Ralph Lauren Collection and here is the narrative of my project:
    Breaking the Shell
    My collection represents the evolution of a woman trying to become a woman in 3 stages. She is born from the water as an Ice-Shell. She is stuck to a glacier and relies on its strength and durability. When the time comes, the Sun melts the glacier and she falls back to the Ocean; where she came from. Her journey starts and she floats in the Ocean going with the flow of the waves. The ice around her shell disappears and her spikes start to show, peaking out from the ice. The Urchin represents her transition into a woman with all the struggles. She is very young and inexperienced. Eventually she hits a coast and leaves water for the first time. The Sun dries her up over time and her spikes start to fall off. Now, she is strong enugh to live without her spikes. She is more mature but still not ready to let go of her shell. After some time on the coast, she names the place she have been, it is the Amalfi. She is inspired by the colors of the island; gold, turquoise and coral. She realizes the culture, the mythology, the stories hidden in this place. She starts to figure out what she wants from her life, who she is and where she belongs to. After answering these questions, she transforms into a Siren - a half bird, half woman creature. Now she is free of her shell, free to make her decisions – she can leave or she can stay – but it is all up to her.
  • I was a finalist in the Ralph Lauren Creative and Design Intern Competition and had the opportunity to present to VPs and Jerry Lauren.