Interventions 914 Whitesboro Street

  • Interventions 914 Whitesboro Street is a multi-year project on Sculpture Space grounds in Utica, NY that I began in 1998 when I was a resident at Sculpture Space. This West Utica neighborhood was once a thriving, densley populated area that consisted of homes, businesses and factories.  Today, few of these structures remain. In 1998 I built Insert, a large stainless steel wall penetrating the abandoned house at 914 Whitesboro Street.  In 2001, I created Solitary View, an exploration of the inside of the house.  By 2006, the house became structurally unstable and was demolished. The stone foundation was retained for Translucent Home. My third intervention on the same site, Translucent Home embodies the idea of transformation and continuance.  In 2012 I began Trace, a planting of 3,000 narcissus bulbs on the vanished foundation walls of five demolished homes that once lined Whitesboro Street.  Trace bloomed for the first tim in April 2013. Each year, the narcissus will emerge then disappear, capturing a moment in this neighborhood's history.