Egg Tool "The Contraption"

  • An egg tool I made for 3D class my Spring Semester Freshman year at RISD. This tool can pick up an egg, crack it, and then beat it albeit not in the most efficient manner. This device can pick up an egg by first surrounding the egg with the "claws" open. Then, you simply pull the string at the end of the handle and the claws close in around the egg. To crack it, you turn the device upside down so the egg falls into the container from which the claws emerge. To beat it, you turn it back to the way it was when you picked up the egg and use the closed claws as whisks. My focus on this sculpture was the appearance/aesthetics. The pieces were all cut using power tools and then glued together. The claws can swing due to rods that go through each group of them and the movement is unified with holders that hold each group of claws together so they move simultaneously. I wrapped a string around each group of claws that then goes through the handle and on the other end is tied around a rod that keeps tension so the claws can open and close. 
  • Frontal view of the claws opened