Modular Chair(s) Project: Foundation Year at RISD

  • Modular cardboard chair project, part of the RISD Foundation Year coursework. Module was based off of some polyhedoronic origami work I made as a child and kaleidescopes. 
    Project requirements:
    -one module (first image) to be replicated at least six times for each chair or desk configuration. Must be multi-directional, strong, and efficient.
    - at least 3 chair configurations using only this one module
    - each chair must hold at least 180lbs of static weight
    - each chair must hold at least your own dynamic weight for the entire duration of the final critique (8+ hours) and each test sitting throughout the six-week course
    - must be only made of cardboard, no hot glue, craft glue, vinyl, or other materials
    - must include a desk
    - desk must hold at least 10lbs
  • single module
  • first configuration
  • first configuration, in use
  • Second configuration
  • Third configuration, backrest is strong and has an maxiumum adjustable distance of 120degrees without complications to the chair. 
  • not pictured: fourth configuration, a larger network of modules designed to sit lie down on your stomach while still being able to use the desk (pictured below). The open network (no top/cover, still comfortable) looked like an 8-pointed star from above. 
  • desk configuration, to be used in conjunction with any of the chair configurations
    holds up to 60lbs.