Superior Ink Terrace Design

  • West Cosmos Penthouse Terraces
    Superior Ink Building, 400 West 12th Street, NYC
    Intern Experience, Winter 2013
    Firm: Marpillero Pollak Architects, New York City

    MPA is commissioned to design the Penthouse and the 5th floor terraces for the Superior Ink Building. The penthouse includes 4 terraces--Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast-- that represent the 4 seasons. 2 schemes are developed for the west side of the penthouse that includes 2 terraces and a tea house facing the Hudson River.
  • Superior Ink Building by the Hudson River, NYC
  • 5th Floor Terrace Axon
  • Penthouse Terraces Axon
  • Penthouse Terrace Perspective
  • Penhouse Terrace Perspective looking out
  • Penthouse Terrace Perspective. Scheme 1, Tea House
  • Penhouse Terrace Perspective, Scheme 2