4 Quadrants, Modular School, Korea

  • Smart Learning School
    Sejong City, Korea
    Advanced Studio, Winter 2013
    Instructor: Peter Tagiuri, Stephan Rutz
    Scheme 1. The 4 Quadrant School
    The site is divided into 4 quadrants for learning--Liberal arts, fine arts, sports, and science. The home base as the core is set in the intersection of all circulation paths. The platforms, the superstructure, are cast on site, while the classrooms, the substructure, are prefabricated.
  • 4 Quadrant school napkin sketch
  • Super structure--platforms
  • Sub structure--modules
  • Home-Base
  • Home-Base connecting to different quadrants
  • Liberal Arts quadrant
  • Section through science classrooms
  • Liberal Arts classroom module 
  • Liberal Arts classroom modules
  • Fine arts quadrant
  • Fine Arts
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Scheme 2: Social Landscape

    This social landscape is a school that encourages learning not only from a private setting, but also from the community.
    There are two main courtyards, one which serves as a gathering ground exclusively for students and faculty; and a more open courtyard which is angled to draw the public into the public zone. The homebase serves as a strong connection throughout the site, as it holds the barrier between both public and private programs.
    In addition to having a public and private area, the roofs and materiality of the buildings tell a story based on where specific programs are placed. For example, the classrooms are made of wood, which create a home-feeling environment for the students; whereas the public spaces are made of metal
    cladding, and concrete, creating a more social environment.
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • Perspective Looking from South East
  • Cross Section of the Liberal Arts and Sciences classrooms
  • Home Base rendering
  • Sciences classroom hall way looking at liberal arts classrooms and courtyard
  • Library