• For quite some time I have been intrigued and interested in the idea of creating architecture with a healing purpose. In this project I attempted to create structures that would aid to heal the patients along with the treatment in a more natural manner. This was done using two different concepts: (1)Use of the four elements 
    (2) The control of energy flow.

    The rooms resemble organic shapes to aid the flow of energy throughout the building. Inclusion of earth (indoor gardens), sunlight (controlled light), air (open spaces), and water (all buildings join with river) combines the four elements. 

    Group therapy rooms are circular. When a table is placed in the middle the hierarchy of the people within the room is diminished as there can be no head of a circle. 

    The therapeutic buildings are placed outside of the main building. This allows the patients to walk to their source of healing. It also gives the patient a certain control of their own healing. Lack of control within a hospital can leave the patient feeling helpless and decrease the rate of healing.