"Look Into The Sky And Have A Moment For Yourself..."

  • "Look Into The Sky And Have A Moment For Yourself Tonight"
    This body of work comprises of a series of single-edition prints in gum bichromate and cyanotype visualizing the immediate night sky and the reaches of space that lie beyond human vision. Using digital piezography negatives made from files appropriated from NASA’s Hubble Telescope, these prints, through multiple layers of exposure and hand manipulation, imagine the heavens that glow brilliantly outside of capable visible spectrum. At first glance, each print shows immediate attention to the surface, iridescent with pigment and the light veneer of gum arabic, but with closer attention deep pigmentation and chemical staining indicate space that rests farther from the support surface of the print and suggest a far deeper place of being.
    The impetus for my work rests between the collision of the craft and attention to minutiae that can be developed by the human hand and the omnipresence of digital technology in photography. My work marries digital technique and wizardry with photographic history and chemical magic in an exploration of visual perception, sensory experience, and my surrounding world.
    c. 2011 Caitlin Armitage