RISD Pre-College 2011 Architectural Intervention Final

  • This was my final for RISD pre-college architecture. It took over 30 hours to complete and is an intervention meant to fit in a site model between the BEB and the ID building at RISD where in real life there is a parking lot there. It is not an actual building but a conceptual model that could be further developed into a building. In this project I played with the idea of geometry (specifically rectangles, squares, and cubes) and relationships between surrounding buildings. Many elements and planes correlate with locations of elements of the other buildings around in the site model to create a harmonious atmosphere that is logical and methodical. I started with a cube with an XYZ plane placed inside. The XYZ plane elements are reflected on the outside of this cube. I then further developed this idea by projecting the cube outwards in all directions and heavily edited these projections to eventually come to this intervention conclusion.