• Here are a few pieces that give a good 
    approximation of my personality and outlook. 
    Emotional Self-Portrait
    Description: The bone structure doesn't much resemble me, but I can see myself in the posture and coloring. (Hi there). Materials: sketch paper, pencil, pastels, black ball point pen. Dimensions: 14x20 in. Date of Completion: November 2011. 

  • Young Mother in the Pink City
    Description: I completed this drawing from life during the wait for a stalled train in Jaipur, India. This young woman seemed about my age and cradled her baby. Materials: sketch paper, pencil, black ballpoint pen. Dimensions: 9x11 in. Date of Completion: February 2012. 
    Morning Thoughts
    Description: I don't mind any type of work, so long as it is motivated by a creative end. I find that when I commit time to draw out aspirations in a conceptual or artistic way, my motivation is higher and I benefit from clarity of direction. Materials: sketch paper, pencil. Dimensions: 12x14 in. Date of Completion: January 2013.