Sampling Architecture

  • Here are a few drawings and renderings in which I've committed architectural thoughts to paper. This work was done while preparing my application for RISD. I tried to include concrete design ideas, as well as some exploration in three dimensional rendering and concept formation. 
    New House
    Description: This is a rendering of an idea I had for a building. It is finished in black pen. Materials: sketch paper, pencil, black ballpoint pen. Dimensions: 9x12 in. 
    Potential Products 1-8
    Description: I decided to collect a few ideas for products into one composition. I'll tell about them, one through eight. One) This is just a cool chair, inspired by the ones in barber shops, but it is intended for more formal settings. The main material is wood, the shape in the center is negative space, the cushion is orange, and the three details on the base are gold. Two) Here is another chair, maybe perfect for for a man cave. It is metal, and the seat is mesh. Three) A bookcase. The caption there says, "end table can roll/ magnet A slides to floor due to gravity/ magnet B draws parallel to magnet A, keeps shelves upright." I'm basically trying to find away to keep the shelves upright as the exterior sphere rolls. Four) Here's a second try at a rolling bookcase. This cyclindrical one would be much easier to design, but we'd sacrifice side-to-side mobility. Five) a hairpiece. Six) I imagined this as an office building. The design on the front is inspired by the equation f(x,y) = - xy / e­^(x^2 – y^2). Seven) A museum. Eight) Everybody likes a shoe with a surprising sole. I thought it would be fun if the bottoms were a transparent rubber; maybe with striped socks. Materials: sketch paper, pencil, black pallpoint pen. Dimensions: 9x12 in. 
    The Height
    Description: This was a drawing I did to practice thinking in three dimensions. Materials: sketch paper, graphite pencil. Dimensions: 14x18 in. 
    Lying Down 1
    Description: This is another work in conceptualizing three dimensions. The outline is inspired by the shape of a woman's body lying down. Materials: sketch paper, pencil, black Faber-Castell artist pen. Dimensions: 10x14 in.
    Lying Down 2
    Description: Sometimes I think Lying Down 1 came out as it did because of this drawing, which I had done a year or so earlier. Materials: sketch paper, pencil, black pastel. Dimensions: 8x10 in.