Cape Union Mart - Mobile Store Designs

  • The Brief
    Create a Pop Up Store that can operate as a stand alone store, create hype and further the quest to build the clients brand. 
    The Pop Up store will be used at Exhibitions, Outdoor shows such as the Cape Epic, Major sporting events and even at Shopping Centres that have a pending internal Cape Union Mart store opening.
    The Options
    1. Converted shipping container
    2. Converted Trailer
    Both designs achieve a very similar effect, though ultimately the trailer is far easier to deploy and is far more mobile in where it can be positioned. 
    Utilising a shipping container requires a crane truck each and every time as well as serious pre-planning so this lends itself to a medium term stay of at least a week at a particular venue in order to make it cost effective.
    The trailer can be setup in a short time by at least 2 trained personnel. It can be towed with a standard LDV van, deployed quickly, in part or full, and can also be called to action at short notice. This is great for 1 or 2 day events and also events like the Cape Epic, which requires deployment and then moving approximately 80kms daily.
    All in all great concepts and we look forward to 2014 when one of these concepts will be developed to become a reality.