Creature & Character Design

  • Sketchbook pages, some more refined, but mainly they are used for a guide for my maquettes and character sculpture. Email is now:
  • This is a Gryphon mask/headdress I made. It is Bondo®, fiberglass, with vivak(clear plastic) viewfinder.
  • The boxed group of Maquettes ( lower right) were done for my friend, James Buckley's animated project, after his designs and direction. He always sees beautifully. For some, there were measured drawings as a guide, others had looser direction while we searched for the feel of the character. Character sculpting is probably my favorite thing, I enjoy every part of it and don't mind being just a pair of hands on a project either...there is so much fun in working out the anatomy and expressiveness.
  • From my sketchbook, ..This little fellow, named Archie, stands 3ft tall. His body is fiberglass, head is resin, eyes are glass and painted from the back. He has gooseneck inside so his neck bends. Synthetic fur and feathers cover up shaped foam anatomy.
  • The white creature below was born out of the above sketch.