A Place to Sit

  • This is a custom necklace for a friend. In this case the chair is both a simple, clean form to wear, but also a symbol of a life long friendship and family relationship that has spanned decades.
    Contact me if you are interested in purchasing - $40.00 ea.
  • Robie 1 (FLW) - New Necklace Design - 3D Printed Polished Brass
  • Thornet and the Zig-Zag - Polished Brass
  • Aalto Lounge Necklace - Polished Brass
  • Red and Blue and Thronet - Two great classics that you can now wear
  • Cantilever Chair - Mies van der Rohe - Wearable
  • The Navy 15 - Can't own the chair? Now you can wear it! 
    Polished Solid Brass
  • The New Victorian Model - What do you think?