Out on a Limb: Experience Renewal, 2013

  • I designed these CNC-routed "Tree Benches" to provide seating and atmosphere and to pack down easily for travel. They help populate the space and define activity areas without taking up too much valuable space in the truck.
  • We added this "Disc Run" to the exhibit to create a multi-level experience on the Treehouse. Children can insert wooden discs from the ground and watch them plink around in the Pachinko machine, or they can start the discs from the top with a rotating wheel that can set the disc rolling in any direction. The cut-out patterns are beautiful and nature-themed, but they also provide important peeking spaces for children under the Treehouse and their watchful parents.
  • A young visitor gets a boost to demonstrate the rotating disc slide.
  • There are two bins in the bottom to inspire our young visitors to guess where the discs will end up.